All our accessories are available individually or grouped into the following specialist packs. Most of our accessories are designed in-house specifically for use on the Windcheetah. We offer a comprehensive selection of purpose built accessories to ensure that your Windcheetah can be equipped to suit your riding lifestyle. All the accessories are available individually and can all be retro fitted to your Windcheetah. On this page we have grouped the accessories into three distinct groups and are offered at a saving when compared to their individual prices.


The AeroPack comprises front and rear AirFlow fairings, carbon fenders, carbon bottle cage holder, carbon mirror

Designed with the high performance sports rider in mind. Our wind tunnel tested Airflow fairings are designed specifically for the Windcheetah and are not available as after-market accessories for any other brand of recumbent. Made out of single layer carbon fibre our ultra lightweight fairings are hand made in AVD's composite department and feature a multi adjustable front fairing mount enabling rake, length and height to be tailored to the riders size.

The fairings are mounted on beautifully lacquered carbon tubes and cast alloy brackets. The Windcheetah remains the only recumbent trike on the market to have its own integrated aerodynamic fairing option. The Airflow kit has been designed in-house and provides a useful reduction in drag, speed tests indicating a 12% improvement over the standard unfaired Windcheetah [and bear in mind that the low frontal area of the standard Windcheetah makes it one of the slipperiest trikes around!] Imagine going out with your riding buddies and every quarter mile pulling out and extra 52 yards on them. These fairings could make you seriously unpopular with the local cycling fraternity!

Speeds of 64mph have been recorded on the roads [down hill of course] with these fairings so you might find yourself upsetting the local constabulary as well as the cycling club. An extra benefit is that the rider is sheltered from wind chill in cold weather and you will stay cleaner in muddy road conditions. The Airflow rear fairing also holds a useful amount of luggage easily enough for an overnight stop or long day ride.


The Tourpack comprises tubular rack, carbon fenders, front light mount, double bottle cage holder, rear view mirror, side panniers and top bag.

Offered to satisfy the needs of the serious touring cyclist the side panniers are a tried and tested luggage system offering enough cubic capacity to satisfy the most demanding long distance tourist. The lightweight tubular steel rack manages to combine strength with low weight, and the high volume pannier and top bag system made by Altura of England combine to form the ideal combination for that trans continental trip.

It will also carry a serious amount of groceries! The top bag comes complete with a strap enabling it to double as a shoulder bag, ideal for carrying cameras, clothing and valuables with you when taking a break.


Carbon rack mudguard unit, Toursport top bag, carbon fenders, twin bottle mount , mirror and bottle cage.

The SportPack will particularly suit the sports rider as well as those who use their Windcheetah to commute. The beautiful carbon rack and integral mudguard provide a stylish, aerodynamically efficient luggage carrying solution for riders who want to carry enough for a day ride, but don`t require full touring capability. The cleverly designed rhombus shaped topbag fits snugly behind the seat and provides the rider with a 7 litre capacity main department which easily converts to a shoulder bag large enough to carry waterproofs, flask, camera, even a cycle helmet. An additional flap down side pannier increases carrying capacity in emergencies or when additional space is required.

 Fittings are available to suit a wide variety of proprietary of lights