The finest all round trike on the market... with no compromises


ClubSportThe ClubSport remains the most popular model in the Windcheetah range, hardly surprising when you look at the outstanding value for money it offers compared to other trikes on the market. Known for almost 30 years simply as the Speedy or Windcheetah SL we christened the classic design the “ClubSport” to differentiate from the SuperSport and Hypersport models introduced during the past two years.

Chosen by tourists and commuters as well as hard riding sports riders the ClubSport’s popularity continues unabated.
Featuring the all-aluminium bonded chassis construction which has formed the mainstay of the Windcheetah range for three decades, the ClubSport can proudly boast to be the longest established recumbent design in the world. Please don’t confuse maturity with old age!

ClubSportThe ClubSport still sets the performance and quality benchmark which other manufacturers strive to achieve. The ClubSport is subject to a continual programme of development to ensure it stays well ahead of the pack. The alloy heat-treated castings [identical to the CompactSport] bonded to thin wall alloy tubing combine to form a lightweight chassis of outstanding stiffness, strength and rigidity. This ensures that all the riders’ efforts are translated into forward motion resulting in a trike with class leading handling, acceleration and hill climbing abilities. A lightweight GRP seat, Shimano 105 groupset, stainless steel fasteners and the famous drum brakes configuration complete the ClubSport package.

No other recumbent on the market can lay claim to such a heritage. If you want a no frills [but plenty of thrills!] trike, capable of commuting, touring and racing, then the ClubSport will be at the very top of your shopping list. The extraordinary resale values of pre-owned Windcheetahs means that owning a brand new custom built machine has never made more sense. We build no more than 50 ClubSports per year so call us and reserve yours now.