The Windcheetah ride

The steering is different to other trikes I've seen...?

Windcheetah’s steering is mounted centrally to give a better aerodynamic profile, having your hands restfully in, rather than outstretched, make for an improved riding position allowing extra comfort especially for longer distances. As a happy coincidence of the design, the steering can be operated by riders with immobility in one arm, and the steering can be interchanged depending on left or right hand operation.

Curved seat... what about lumber support?

The seat on a Windcheetah is a curve, which on paper some might say does not look particularly agreeable. However, thousands of happy riders will testify that it is indeed comfortable, and furthermore, gives greater flexibility in getting the ‘feel’ just right.

Other manufacturers seats with a fixed lumber curve have the predicament that if it doesn’t match your back, you are stuck in that position!!

On the Windcheetah seat we can add a simple piece of foam that your can position to your liking under the ventisit seat cushion. This simply gives you the option of how much or little lumber support you may require, exactly where you would like it.

What's so special about handling and cornering?

Riding a Windcheetah is like no other ride of your life… The central steering allows for a fresh and spirited riding style, be it shifting your bodyweight to access the high speed cornering available to the pilot or being able to wriggle around a little during longer rides. Reduce fatigue by adjusting your position in the seat, for instance climbing an alpine pass with a more open riding style filling your lungs, or hunkering down a little for flat out high speed, these just two sample characteristics of the freedom you have with your Windcheetah.

What makes your bicycles special?

Apart from the obvious that they have been designed by Mike Burrows, the most innovative and incomparable bike designer of all time.

These exclusive, superior machines are fast, elegant and exceptionally fun to ride. We believe that one of the best ways to live sustainably is to own few but high quality possessions that we use and enjoy every day. Our bicycles are built to last a lifetime.

We still support spares for machines that we produced over 30 years ago and that are still going strong today.

Customisation, accessories and more

Can I choose my own colour?

Custom colours are available as an option on FRO models for £200, contact us now for available colours.

Is it adjustable for different sized riders and weights?

We have generous weight limits on our machines and custom build to the sizing of our individual riders XSM – XL, covering riders from 4’10” to 6’6”.

Additional fine tuning of 50mm (2inch) can be achieved by moving the seat along the main frame tube.

Your machines donʼt have front or rear suspension. Why not?

Put simply we don’t need it, If you look at the whole machine rather than just a manufacturing method or material we believe it is better to sympathetically design a machine for its intended purpose.

Where others have taken a standard machine and tried to improve a bad design by adding the weight and complexity of suspension components eg. pivots/linkages and shock-absorbers, our trademark cantilever frame is built with compliance and the carbon seat is supported on composite leaf springs giving a superior ride.

Can I carry anything if I don’t have a rear fairing?

We offer an extensive range of accessories to suit most riding styles from racer through to a completely self supported touring machine. Anything from a simple single bottle mount through to rack and panniers, we advise an open dialog as to your intended use, so we can build your Windcheetah to your riding lifestyle.

Do you offer customisation like different gearing options?

We pride ourselves in building a machine perfect for you. Our machines are built here in the UK where every component is specifically sourced. This is not simply an Eastern produced machine with a local shop taking it out of a box – but a full production facility where investment castings are machined, finished, powder coated and bonded into your machine. Every aspect of your machine is built by hand.

We enjoy having visitors as they get to see the magic of what we do every day. (link to Velovision visit)

Are spares readily available?

Most Windcheetah components are custom made, but that’s by the by; We have a long history of machines out in the field that are still going strong, we are proud of our heritage and the fact that we are able to offer spares 30 years after the first Windcheetah rolled out of the factory door.

How will I know that my Wincdheetah will fit?

We will contact you to finalise frame size, and we are  confident your Windcheetah will fit perfectly. If you have any specific concerns, please let us know when placing your order. We understand that we are not all built the same so we can recommend simple tweaks to customise your riding experience.

Test rides, payment and delivery

Do you have dealers in my area?

We deal with customers world wide, so please contact us direct via our website, e-mail or phone. Because our machines are hand made we can not offer a ‘dealer network’, but we work closely with bike shops local to you, who can offer support with your machine.

Where can I get a test ride?

We offer test rides by appointment at our workshop near Chorley. Failing that and because of our following, current owners are normally more than happy to give you a test ride – so you can be sure there’s a Windcheetah near you.

When we exhibit or race we are very approachable and where possible offer test rides around the UK.

Look for us at;

Please contact us directly to arrange a test ride.

Can you give details about a second hand machine I’ve seen?

Sadly we do not offer details about second hand machines for security reasons, but we hold full archive of all machines built and can assist with any needs as a second owner.

How can I buy my Windcheetah? Do you offer finance?

The majority of our customers pay via direct bank transfer, as this offers security to both you and us. We ship worldwide.

Please contact us to discuss finance options.

How long will it take to arrive?

Beautiful, customised Bicycles take time. Delivery times vary due to demand but generally we ship within 10-12weeks depending on final specification and your location.

How will my Windcheetah arrive?

Windcheetah’s are manufactured in our workshop fully assembled, set up and test ridden. Only then do we remove the seat (4 nuts and bolts) and box up ready for delivery to your part of the world.

Just take your bicycle out of the box and refit the seat…  total setup time is about 10 minutes and you’re good to ride.

Any accessories such as front/rear fairings are built up at the same time as manufactured and again we breakdown the Windcheetah to the minimum, so that we can ensure that everything is as easy as possible to reassemble at your end.

More questions?