New for 2013 is the introduction of the Windcheetah frameset. A frameset kit includes every Windcheetah specific component including wheels leaving the choice of componentry and tyres up to the customer. We have launched the frameset in response to rapidly rising prices of groupset componentry and it allows Windcheetah enthusiasts who are working within a modest budget to buy the legendary Windcheetah chassis and equip it with their own groupset.

The internet is an ideal place to source componentry nowadays and whilst it isn't cost effective for a manufacturer like ourselves to search the net for groupset bargains it is an option the private customer might wish to exploit. The frameset includes a custom made Windcheetah chassis built to your specification including wheels, seat , seat cushion and any accessories you might require. We also include a full list of all the groupset components you will need leaving the customer to specify the level of equipment which best suits their needs or budget. This option will also appeal to this who like the idea of assembling their own Windcheetah