No ordinary partnership

With its unique design and over 30 years of innovation every part of the Windcheetah has been honed to work perfectly together for a unique ride – there’s no surprise every owner will tell you a Windcheetah is not owned – it is loved.

A one-sided

Possibly it’s most unique feature, the cantilever axle means the entire back end can be formed from a single tube, giving a light stiff structure uncompromised by welded joints.

Go with it

Put the joy into your ride. The unique Windcheetah joystick enables intuitive, precise steering with the lightest of touches as you lean and move as you corner.


Bespoke  – and as far as we know a world first in our field – the carbon leaf system combines material knowledge with more weight saving features to create a maintenance-free, ultralight suspension system.


Through its many years of testing the Windcheetah geometry remains virtually unchanged – the narrow, low and slippery profile combining with the ‘active’ joystick lean for a natural, stable and connected feel.

and Dependable

Whether you’re going aero and saving grams for race day, or strapping on the kitchen sink for a long voyage –  a wide range of beautiful, custom-made lightweight accessories take care of touring, racing and general commuting.

Bulletproof Braking

Since it’s inception drum brakes have been the stopper of choice, delivering that smooth powerful braking in all conditions with no squeal, no rubbing and for virtually no maintenance

Custom Cruciform

The unique Windcheetah cruciform configuration and integrated steering pivot with its refined geometry reduces weight while increasing stiffness for maximum power transfer

Keep it Down

The AVD bespoke idler and chain guides provide a minimal, robust drivetrain solution and are designed keep you running smooth and running quiet, so all there is to concentrate on is your ride

Simplicity Redefined Since 1980

The legendary Windcheetah performance comes from cutting edge materials and unique design, using custom components wherever possible rather than designing around off-the-shelf parts

Find out why nothing else feels like a Windcheetah