Iconic performance

For many the Windcheetah needs no introduction – from it’s iconic roots followed by over 30 years of innovation the Speedy has strived to be the top of it’s class.

Lovingly hand-built in the UK with many world first unique features, class-leading weight, strength and stiffness combine for a sharp, exhilarating and confident ride like no other recumbent tricycle on the market today.

A legend gives rise to a legend

Speed out of necessity

Originally conceived as a safe alternative to winter riding, since t’s inception in the 1980’s numerous speed and endurance records have been set by the Windcheetah – its designer Mike Burrows is widely acknowledged as one of the most creative and innovative cycle designers of modern times.

core models

Ready for takeoff

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Windcheetah ClubSport

The original Speedy

windcheetah compactsport recumbent trike

Windcheetah CompactSport

Windcheetah condensed


Windcheetah HyperSport

Performance refined

Windcheetah FRO

Windcheetah F.R.O.

Race ready