This Sunday, catch Guy Martin's and Jason Miles' attempt to break the 24hour distance record using a Tandem recumbent.

Guy Martin in a Tanden recumbent

Mike Burrows was approached by Guy Martin's team for an attempt to break the 24hour distance record for a tandem machine. Two aspects of the attempt are the pilot's fitness for which they used Windcheetah trikes as part of their training, and the Burrows/Kingsbury designed 'sociable' tandem. As many riders will acknowledge, the transition from a standard upright bicycle to a laid back recumbent machine is an easy one, but nevertheless a transition all the same. One cannot simply hop off a normal cycle onto a recumbent style machine and expect the same power output or performance. Guy Martin and Jason Miles used Windcheetah recumbent trikes for their training, recognising Windcheetah's performance.

The record attempting machine was designed and built by Mike Burrows and Miles Kingsbury, both eminent cycle designers and builders of numerous record holding machines - Andy Wilkinson's fully faired Lands End to John O Groats Windcheetah, Kingsbury's Beano, and even Chris Boardman's 92 Olympic Gold medal wining pursuit machine Lotus107 to name a few. The new machine was based on a stretched and widened version of 'Bubble and Squeak' with Burrows internals. One of Miles' classic and beautiful blown bubbles would comprise the top, and the two riders would sit side by side but slightly offset so the overall width can be reduced. Since the record attempt was to be on an oval and not a street circuit the steering angle was very small, the whole machined trimmed to a minimum. A flap and door was cut so mid-flight refuelling could take place by an accompanying cycle handing water bottles and food through the top.

So the two intrepid riders Guy Martin and Jason Miles take up the challenge on what should have been a glorious late summers day and night in an attempt to set a new distance record… How did it unfold? How far can you pedal in 24 hours? Watch, and see the full story on Channel 4 Sunday 26 October at 20:00 GMT 'Speed with Guy Martin'

Don't forget that in the UK British Summer Time (BST) ends this weekend at 02:00 on 26 October 2014 as the clocks go back one hour to revert to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Karl Sparenberg

Technical Director.