Cycling accessories

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Cycling helmet

The first thing that you have to consider when riding a bicycle is your safety. It is an essential aspect when you are joining a racing competition or even when you are only practising. Having a reliable helmet on the go will protect the most sensitive part of your body which is your head.

When choosing a helmet, make sure that you can wear it comfortably. Choose a softer and lightweight piece to ensure that you won’t get distracted as you hit the road. The inner shell should also protect your head against injury when an accident occurs.

Bike lights

The bike light shouldn’t only look cool, but they should also offer the primary service which is to keep you safe when you go on a ride before dawn or even after dusk. It can give a signal to the driver following you so you can be seen even when it is dark. Take note that the front bike lights have two categories to perform its main purpose: lights for viewing and lights for being seen. These types of lights can be determined in lumens.

The lights for being seen are designed to enable the other road users to see you and should be about 100 lumens. On the other hand, the lights for seeing provides better road visibility most especially when you pass on unlit streets, and it should be about 500 lumens and above.

Bicycle repair kits

Sometimes, the last thing that you can think of when your bike suddenly breaks down is to bring it to a mechanic. Most of the time, the bicycle owners first impulse is to check the issue themselves to see if they can fix the bike it themselves. You might also consider it when you want to save money. Therefore, it is crucial to have a repair kit ready at all time. Investing for multi-tools is worth it because you can instantly fix the problem such as changing a flat tire, adjusting bolts, realigning the handlebars, or cleaning some muddy components of your bike.

The repair kit includes many essentials that you’ll need and most of the time, comes handy. Some of these tools that you can commonly see in a repair kit are chain brush, tire levers, tubes, tube patch kit, open end wrenches about 6 to 17 mm, floor pump with gauge, Allen wrench set ranging from 2 to 12 mm long, clean rags, latex gloves, needle-nose pliers, and chain pliers. Some types of bicycles have additional or special tools, so make sure that your repair kit matches what you have.

Bike lock

When you are going to leave your bicycle in the public areas, it is critical to lock it. A durable and high-quality bike lock can protect your investment and give you peace of mind. Take note that bike locks are rated in three different ways: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These ratings mean that the material has undergone proper testing methods to ensure their quality before it is introduced to the market.

Bike bell

Bike bells are useful when you drive through the streets where a lot of people are walking by. It is not only installed on bikes for adults, but it can also be helpful for your kiddos’ bicycle. It varies according to colour and style. You can purchase a cute design for your kids to encourage them to use it during necessary times.

Bike basket

When you frequently use your bicycle every time you go to the market to shop, having a bike basket is always an excellent idea. It can either be placed at the back or in front of the bike depending on the design of your equipment. Your kids might also have one on their cute bicycle because for them, carrying around treasures galore is more fun!

Bike pads

Bike pads are best for sports enthusiasts who love cycling on rough roads, trails, mountains, or wherever there are a lot of obstacles. Make it as your companion when you want to seek adventure and drive the bike fast. Of course, don’t forget that kids should also have these essentials to protect their knees, elbows, and hands against bruises when they fall.

Whether your purpose is to maintain your precious investment properly, protect you from an accident, or improve your bike aesthetics, investing for a good set of accessories is very useful. After all, your protection and enjoyment still matter so you can thoroughly enjoy your adventure on the road.