Process of Manufacturing

The seamless frame tubes made of solid steel is one of the main components when constructing a bike. These seamless tubes can be modified to boost their durability and at the same time, reduce their weight by decreasing their thickness. It also underwent butting, which is a process used to thicken the ends of the tube since it is the part where the most pressure is exerted. Also, the walls at the centre of the tube, where there is a little stress, must be thinned.

Butting may also include different processes such as single-butted, where the other end is thickened, double-butted, in which both ends should be thicker compared to the centre, triple-butted where there is different thickness on either end and quad-butted where the centre should be thinned towards the middle while ends have different thicknesses.

After tailoring these tubes, it is now time to braze, glue or weld the frames. Brazing requires the temperature of about 1600 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. A melted brazing filler made of brass is then used to join and seal the tubes joints. The manufacturer will make sure that the frames are correctly aligned while the frames are still malleable so they can easily make some adjustments. They should also clean the excess brazing metals by using pickling acid solutions.

After proper aligning and removing the excess flux, they will then paint the frames to produce a fine finish and attractive appearance. Furthermore, it is also an essential method to protect the frame. Using a welding machine or hand-brazing, the maker will then assemble the tubes into a frame.

The composites can be connected using plastic binders or strong glue. Large manufacturers often use machines that are specifically designed to manufacture each of the components, and when done, they can be attached to the frame manually or using a particular machine. These components include the handlebars, gear shift levers, brakes, seat spots, saddles, hubs, wheels, tires, and cranksets. The manufacturers will make sure that each part is tightened to ensure safety for its users.

Cycling Brands

Many prominent manufacturers have dominated the cycling industry, thus, producing a wide variety of bikes which can be used for different purposes. When you are a cycling enthusiast, one of the first things you always check before buying this vehicle is the brand. It gives you an idea if the item has good quality.

The Hope Technology has built an excellent reputation when it comes to making high-quality bicycles and specializing mountain bikes. It is worth noting that they are the early adopter of hydraulic disc brakes. Most of their products are made of seamless aluminium hubs. Although they mainly focus on the creation of mountain bikes, they also have other offers such as bicycle accessories that will surely bring more adventure.

Pashley is another well-known name in the cycling industry which was established in 1926. It is the longest well-established maker of hand-built bikes in England. It is a perfect epitome when you are seeking classic styling and elegance. It is also the primary producer of the popular Royal Mail delivery bicycle.

We cannot underestimate the creations of Brompton as well. With over 190 skilful people, it has been a successful maker of a folding bicycle with simple yet smart design. They even hold a Brompton Championship event annually to showcase their unique types of bikes.