Cycling Routes in the UK

It is worth noting that the UK is a bicycle-friendly location.

A cycling route in Scotland

Whether you are a cycling enthusiast who wants to reduce weight, socialize with like-minded people, practice for a competition, release stress, bond with families, or seek an adventure, this place has you covered! Just like these myriads of purposes you have when you ride your bike, it also has a wide array of lovely spots for an avid cyclist like you!

Glasgow City Centre

If you are a beginner looking to enhance your cycling skills, or you want to bring your children or the entire family for bonding time, the Glasgow City Centre is a perfect place for you. The ride length is 1.00 mile, enough to burn 56 calories. Start at the Riverside Museum where you won’t only enjoy a ride, but also learn the history of bikes and famous people behind it. There you’ll see the Scottish cycling legend known as “Old Faithful.” from there, proceed to the River Clyde then pass by at the Glasgow Green while counting the bridges. Don't miss the spot at the People’s Palace and grab refreshments.

Rickney Lane

If you want to go farther, try a 4.20 miles ride length on the Rickney Lane route. You will not only enjoy a day of riding when you choose it as your spot. You would also feel the urge to preserve this beautiful and peaceful scenery. It was once a paradise that almost lost its beauty when HGVs operated on the location. Thankfully, local campaigns saved it and now, you can already feel a quiet English countryside where you could release your stress while riding.

The Peregrine Path

Sustrans is a family-friendly spot that allows easy crossing between Wales and England. Pass through the majestic setting in the Forest of Dean then make sure to feed your eyes with magnificent scenery in the wooded Wye Valley. Your bicycle ride is not complete without going straight to the Symonds Yat Rock and the Kymin, which is a popular picnic area situated within nine acres of breath-taking parkland surrounded by panoramic views. You can take a quick lunch here before you proceed to Wye George. There is a canoe hire centre and waterholes when you want to take your adventure to the next level. Completing these routes will give you a 5.50-mile cycling ride.

Swinley Forest

If you want to burn greater fats and calories, try the 7-mile ride on the Swinley Forest. With its fantastic trails and amenities, you can’t go wrong when you choose your spot here. It is suitable for riders of all ages or whether you are a beginner or an expert cyclist. The green trail offers a challenging progression if you want to practice your skills. What makes it distinct is that it is rideable in about every weather condition because it is well-maintained through the years. Bike hire is available in this area as well as café and adventure park for kids.

Kentmere Valley

If you are not satisfied with shorter riding distances, try the 12.50-mile at the Kentmere Valley which can increase to 25 miles when you start from Kendal. It is best to use a hybrid or road bike in this area because you will encounter obstacles and rough paths. The peaceful, undulating road is perfect for trailers seeking for adventure. If you are more of a mountain bike type enthusiast and you want more challenge, you can head towards the mountainous Lake District where the route has descent and ascent. It is also the wettest place in England with at least 200 rainy days in a year, so be always prepared to get wet when you choose this location.

Stockport Halls Route

The Stockport Halls Route offers a 20.10-mile distance, where tracks and paths were sufficiently improved to provide an accessible ride. There you’ll experience river valleys and the location’s historic halls. Make sure that your tire is in proper condition because some tracks are rougher on this area. There are also café stops for you to feed your stomach with light foods or refreshments at the Vernon Park. There is also a parking area on Abney Hall Park for car-assisted riding.

The Hebridean Way

The Hebridean Way may be one of the longest cycling rides you can take which can reach up to 262.50 miles. Not yet to mention that this area has breath-taking views, stunning white beaches, and attractive landscape. Whether it is windy, sunny, rainy, this perfect route will never fail to give you the best ride. You can practice through the dreamy sands of Luskentyre or test your skills on the rocky paths. Travellers and first-time goers should take note that most places outside of the towns are closed on Sundays.