Being an energy-efficient mode of transportation, it is a perfect piece of equipment when someone needs to burn calories. It is also worth noting that it has the lowest maintenance and many manufacturers are producing a myriad of sizes and styles to fit its riders’ preferences.


In 1490, the idea of a bicycle came from Leonardo da Vinci. Through his sketch, he envisioned the appearance of a bike that is similar to the modern design we have nowadays. It was until the 1960s when his model was discovered. From then on, many inventors have been interested in the idea, allowing them to build various styles of bicycles like the Celerifere, a hobby horse made of wood and has two wheels connected by a beam.


In the 1890s, bicycles became popular, and many versions were further created. Different materials were used to produce a durable vehicle. Enhancements were made, and many features were added so that the riders won’t only use it for their purpose, but they will also enjoy the riding experience and adventure. It was in the first half of the 20th century when stronger steel alloys were used to manufacture reliable bikes.

Touring & Cycling Routes

Have you decided which route to take? You won’t only feel the joy of riding, but your eyes will also be filled with panoramic sceneries when taking these locations. Why not make a list and include all these places on your next adventure? They won’t fail you, that’s for sure!

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Mountain bikes

Typically, mountain bikes consist of 26” or 29” wide knobby tires, making them a flexible riding tool over obstacles and terrains. Its handlebars are flat, and also has rugged frames. It has a suspension which is helpful for the cyclist to drive over rocky roads. No wonder it was named a mountain bike because it is perfect when you want to use it on trails and loose dirt without difficulty.

Triathlon/Time Trial bike

If you used to join a triathlon, it is worth noting that this sport also has a type of bicycle specifically designed for it. It is characterized for having a bullhorn-like handlebar and aero bar. This vehicle will lead you into an aerodynamic position as you lean forward. You can find its shifters at the end of the aero bar. The geometry of this bicycle is carefully planned to fit the needs of every participant of triathlon or time trial racing.

Folding bike

If you are a travel pro, the most suitable bicycle for you is the folding bike. Just like how it is called, you can fold it easily to fit on the trunk of your car or a subway. It can free up a lot of space, giving you less worry when travelling by air or on a boat.

BMX/Trick bike

BMX, which also stands for Bicycle Motor Cross, is a perfect type when you want to do some tricks due to its durability and design. Its 20” wheel and amazing speed can also be useful when you want to race on a dirt track.

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Tips on bicycle maintenance

Regardless of the model or type of your bicycle, specific reasons may cause it to break down. Poor maintenance, improper use, the age of the bike, and many other causes can lead to costly repair and hassle. Its problem can vary from simple to complex level. As soon as it encounters any trouble, it is essential to repair it immediately, so it won’t get damaged completely. Fixing a bike may seem a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. Furthermore, doing the repair yourself can help you save money. It is also crucial to ensure that your equipment is well-maintained to make sure that you can enjoy its performance in the long run. It is, therefore, practical to keep these key takeaways handy so you’ll have something to rely on when you are put into a compromising situation.

bicycle accessories

Bicycle accessories

If you don’t want to settle for the current look of your bicycle, then you’ve come on the right page! If you wish to improve the aesthetics of your bike or enhance its performance, having the essential cycling accessories at hand is truly helpful. Each of the functionality they offer can give you a fantastic riding experience. It makes your bike more than just a transport tool. These various components vary according to size, usability, design, and price. Whether you want to go with the trend or maintain its classical look, it also allows you to customize the design of your bike to fit for your taste and preference. But do you know what accessories are commonly available nowadays in the marketplace?

UK cycling clubs

Cycling clubs

The United Kingdom is not only rich in history, but their sportive events have been a part of their past as well. Men and women of all ages have considered cycling as one of the best sports and hobbies that increases their stamina and improves the quality of life. It also allows them to mingle and socialize with different people from all walks of life. The world of cycling gives a room to beginners and veteran cyclists who want to continue learning and be an expert in this area. Regardless of your purpose, joining a cycling club has a lot of benefits to offer. Some of them include socialization, skill training, finding mentors and friendships, and get motivation. For many, it is not only a sport or hobby. It provides more than what someone is seeking.